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Announcing the 

2023 - 2024 Schedule for the 

Madison History Roundtable

We welcome you to the 2023- 2024 season of the Madison History Roundtable. We have an exciting slate of speakers for this year. The season will start on Thursday, September 8th with Christopher Kolakowski who will be presenting, Civil War to World War: The MacArthurs and the Buckners.

We will continue the discussion throughout the year covering a variety of topics of American, Wisconsin and regional history. The complete schedule of speakers is listed at the end of this page.

The Madison History Roundtable meetings are held the second Thursday of the month starting at 7:00pm at the Hop Haus Fitchburg. Social hour starts at 6:00pm, followed by an optional meal at 6:15. The meal is ordered off the menu. In consideration to the Hop Haus, reservations are kindly requested for the number of meals by contacting one of the following by Monday before the meeting; email, website (Contact/Dinner Reservations) or by calling Rich Fronek at 608-669-0970. Leave your name and the number of meals. DO NOT REPLY TO THE EMAIL MEETING NOTICE TO MAKE RESERVATIONS.

We will be posting a recording of the presentations to the MHRT YouTube channel for those that cannot attend in person.

For those on the MHRT email list, you will receive an email notification of upcoming meetings. Share the meeting information with family and friends. Membership is not required to attend the monthly meeting and presentation.


Madison History Roundtable 2023 - 2024 Schedule

September 14, 2023

Christopher Kolakowski

Director, Wisconsin Veterans Museum

Civil War to World War: The MacArthurs and the Buckners


October 12, 2023

Peter Skelly

Lincoln Bi-Centennial Commission, President of Rock County Civil War History Roundtable

Lincoln in Wisconsin


November 9, 2023

Pat Brennan

Civil War Author

Gettysburg in Color


December 14, 2023

Christopher Kolakowski

Director, Wisconsin Veterans Museum

Tour of the Wisconsin Veterans Museum

5:30pm – Meet at the museum for the tour


January 11, 2024

Jim Iliff

Pastor – Retired, Research Historian

History of Immigration in Wisconsin

February 8, 2024

John Hall

Historian and Speechwriter - U.S Central Command

Insights and Experiences of the U.S. Central Command

March 21, 2024 (Rescheduled from March 14th)

George Hesselberg

Wisconsin State Journal (retired) and Author

Dead Lines Slices of Life from the Obit Beat

April 14, 2024

Rob Zaleski

Capital Times Columnist

A Discussion on the Career of Retired Madison Police Chief

David Couper

May 9, 2024 (Updated Speaker)

Bill Sayles

Madison History Roundtable - Adjutant

Issues Around the Battle of Midway

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