September 12, 2019

Kathryn Bush, Psychologist and genealogist, "The Mysterious Civil War Disaster on the Mississippi River

The Sultana: A tale of Avarice & Woe"

September 14th, 2019 

2019 Great Lakes Civil War Forum – This Battle Will Go by the Name of Gettysburg, Kenosha Civil War History Museum.


October 10, 2019

Jenny Kalvaitis has worked for the Wisconsin Historical Society for six years. She serves as the Coordinator of Secondary Education for the Society. Prior to this position, she was the Museum Educator at the Wisconsin Historical Museum. Jenny has researched, written, and lectured about women’s history for over ten years, including giving Continuing Legal Education Lectures for the Indiana Supreme Court as well as the Indiana Women’s Bar Association on the legal history of suffrage. Jenny earned her BA in History and Women’s Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and her MA in Public History from Indiana University.


October 20-23, 2019

Kenosha Civil War History Campaign Tour - Battles of First and Second Bull Run. Contact Doug Dammann, 262-653-4432 for information.

November 14, 2019

Stuart Levitan, Author and Former Chair, Madison Landmarks Commission, "Madison in the 60’s"







December 12, 2019

Ann Waidelick, Retired reference librarian and local historian, "Ice Harvesting on Madison Lakes"

January 9, 2020

Peter Skelley ,founding and current president of the Rock County Civil War Roundtable, current co-president of the Lincoln Fellowship of Wisconsin, and board member and historical advisor for the new General Motors Museum in Janesville, "The Legacy Center." Mr. Skelley's topic: "March, March, March and No Fight: the Story of the 13th Wisconsin Infantry"

February 13, 2020

Kari Klebba, Executive Director, Milton House and Historical Societyand Interim Programming Coordinator for Milton College Preservation Society, " Choosing Freedom: Andrew Pratt and the Underground Railroad in Milton, Wisconsin"


March 12, 2020  

Kenosha Civil War Museum Curator Doug Dammann will share some of these and use them to teach the audience about the importance of Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest during the Civil War. 


April 9, 2020       CANCELLED due to COVID-19

James Heinz, Retired police officer and amateur historian, "The 1917 Milwaukee Police Bombing"


May 14, 2020     CANCELLED due to COVID-19

Dr Patrick Steele, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History and Assistant Softball Coach Concordia University, "Home of the Braves"


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