The Madison History Roundtable is dedicated to the discussion and preservation of American history. Founded in 1954 as the Madison Civil War Roundtable, the group has expanded to cover a broader area of American history with emphasis on the American Civil War, U.S. military history and Wisconsin history. 


The coronavirus pandemic has brought about interesting and challenging times for many of us. That includes the Madison History Roundtable as we contemplate how to provide meaningful presentations and discussion despite the constraints of the pandemic. Based on the CDC guidelines, we will not be offering in person meetings at the Radisson this fall. 


We recently provided a survey regarding future meetings using a virtual format. Thank you to those that provided feedback to us. 94% of respondents indicated they would be interested in participating in virtual meetings; either live streaming or recorded. Due to that response we will be holding virtual meetings at our regular time; the second Thursday of the month starting at 7:00pm. You will receive an email invitation to join the live presentation using ZOOM. The invitation can also be found on our website (https://www.madisonhistoryroundtable.com)  and our Facebook page. We are also planning with the permission of the presenter to record the presentations so they can be viewed on the MHRT YouTube channel.


You will continue to receive the monthly meeting notices via email, as well as the MHRT website and Facebook page containing meeting notice information as well. The meeting notices will contain a “link” which can be used to join the monthly virtual MHRT meeting.


The Madison History Roundtable virtual meetings are held the second Thursday of the month (September – May) at 7:00pm. Meetings are held virtually using the ZOOM application. The meetings are open to the public and free of charge Share the meeting information with family and friends.



In support of the Madison History Roundtable, dues are $30. The dues help support the operation of the Madison History Roundtable, including speaker fees. Membership is not required to attend the monthly meeting and presentation. You can mail your dues to the MHRT Treasure – 9 Flad Circle, Madison, WI 53711. If you have a personal PayPal account, you can send in your dues to the MHRT PayPal email address: wsayles1950@gmail.com.


Contact Information

President - Bill Sayles (608-333-9732)

Email: madison.history.roundtable@gmail.com,

Web: www.madisonhistoryroundtable.com

Facebook: Madison History Roundtable

Google Groups: madhrt@googlegroups.com


MHRT Website

Check out our web site at: www.madisonhistoryroundtable.com. You can find information on the MHRT schedule, list of speakers and meeting dates amongst other information. You can also “join” to become a member of the MHRT. We will be periodically be updating the web site with meeting notices, upcoming events and activities. Let us know what other information you might want posted on the site. Make it a habit to check it out often.

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Our Mission

The Madison History Roundtable is
dedicated to the discussion and preservation
of American history.